What is social media optimization or SMO ?

Google plus for business to business and SEO :

SMO is the process whereby you apply both traditional (backlinking)  and new search engine optimization or SEO techniques to your social media sites. Which are the best social media sites you should use to boost your SEO? If your goal is to optimize or give your website maximum exposure to organic traffic then you are reading the right article. If you are offering business to business services then you must implement the following strategy to at least keep up with your competition- or they will leave you behind in the dust. By adopting the following SMO/SEO strategy you will learn exactly how to improve your SEO ranking in the world’s 2 top leading search engines, Google and Youtube. Google Plus and Youtube are the social medias sites of choice for the following 5 reasons;-

Become a celebrity with Google plus authorship-and boost your SEO :

You are the star! As the author for your business you post content to the web and you can gain Google plus authorship. Once verified you can gain more SERP (search engine results page or the page the search results appear on) love, but this time the search results appear with your photo which is tied to your post. These are known as “rich snippets” and are important to implement for your SEO. The face behind the name behind the brand- the ultimate personal and social touch don’t you think?

Youtube SEO for business

Google plus and Youtube content is efficiently indexed by Google like every other page on the web. It will appear in Google search results and gather page rank along the way. Google is massive and continues to smash records when recently Google was responsible for 6.5% of all global internet traffic. Over 2 out of 3 searches in the US are made by Google!  Part of this phenomenal success is partly due to Googles purchase of Youtube which is now the second largest search engine in the world. You will want to have your social media site ranked in both Google plus and Youtube or you will be seriously missing out on some gold organic ranking.  Google loves websites that engage its users which is exactly what the multimedia rich videos do on Youtube.

When you post on Google plus you will acquire SERP (search engine  results page)-prime real estate. Your target market may find your Google plus content through a standard Google search.Some google plus posts have got almost infinite ability to rank. Google plus and YouTube content is sticky and hangs around a long time, so it both boosts and helps mantain page rank, whilst also delivering page rank. Some posts and videos of 12 months and older or more have been seen to maintain their top ranking positions. Google also takes social signals from twitter and facebook, compare the latter with the average life of a tweet is just 14 minutes.

Google likes to display the most  relevant and authoritative content, so if your Google plus content is shared by someone in a higher authority you automatically increase your authority and more importantly-your page rank.

Google blogger, Picasa to find more followers

There are the other Google owned properties you should consider using to help further boost your Google rankings- Blogger and Picasa. Not only can you create a free blog but with Blogger it is able to share posts back on Google Plus which in turn will enable you to find an entirely new group of people to find and follow you.Picasa is one of the webs premier photo sharing sites that also enables you to share your photos back with Google Plus. These other high ranking websites will pass page rank directly on to your website. Google will see you as an authority on how to win over Google- so that’s a great thing right!