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Our subscribers automatically receive an on page SEO website audit. For the best SEO results, you absolutely have to make sure your On-Page factors are perfect. Everything must be configured correctly on your server, and your sites should have every little detail that Google looks for. There are so many factors involved, it’s rare to get it all right on your first try. There is a variety of factors we check for including;-

  • Does your Site have a proper canonical URL redirect? (301 redirect from non-www to www or vice versa)
  • Does your Site have a contact page?
  • Does your Site have a privacy policy?
  • Does your Site have a robots.txt file in the root?
  • Does your Site have a sitemap.xml file in the root?
  • Does your Lander URL have a keyword (that you’re trying to build links to) on the page anywhere?
  • Does your Lander have a <h1> tag on the page?
  • Does your Lander have a <title> tag?
  • Does your Lander have a <meta> description tag?
  • Does your Lander  have enough content? (> 200 words)
  • Does your Lander have a <title> tag with the same content as another lander?
  • Does your Lander has a <meta> description tag with the same content as another lander?
  • Does your Lander redirect to another page?

After performing our audit, we’ll let you know exactly what you need to change for each of your sites. We will show you the best seo techniques to master.

So its not “if” you implement a link building strategy but more importantly “when and how” You can’t just expect to either write great content or pay a writer for original quality content and hope people will just link to you.

Site owners with high PR and Authority sites know only to well the importance of quality link building. You also cannot make the mistake of focussing 100% on link building and then neglect the sites content and therefore relevancy for the very terms you are trying to rank for. So where abouts are you now? Are you ignoring the need for backlinks in the hope of improving search engine placement in other ways, or are you so focused on your backlink strategy that you are ignoring the need to update your website’s content?

Obviously it is better to spread your time and effort across both areas and it will take discipline and action to enable your marketing goals to occur. Time is your most precious resource but it is also your biggest enemy, a double edged sword at best. The problem we all face daily is the incredible amounts of information we have to sift through daily and it is so easy to get distracted and waste valuable time.

You need an SEO backlink strategy that will provide you with the most effective use and management of your most valuable commodity-time. And that’s where we can come in as your preferred outsourcing company, Netbacklinks provides an excellent managed Search engine friendly, Panda and Penguin proof program that has been proven to get our clients great results. Don’t get so wrapped up in your backlinking that you neglect the many other things you need to be doing to succeed in the online world of ecommerce.

1. Link submission

Currently you can safely create up 1000 links in three months. So, it will appear to Google that your links are being produced more naturally.

2. Article Submission

Article submission is a great way to get backlinks. If you are interested in writing articles, you can write some articles, and in the various points of your article you can place your website link. And finally submit your articles to various high PR article directories. By this process you can get many quality links. But when you write an article, be careful about the quality of the article.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a great way get links. In the present time, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are also very popular. So, if you can do good social media marketing with your links you can get quality links and all important votes for your sites. By doing social bookmarking you can get huge quality links. It’s very easy and effective way to get links.

4. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to get quality links. You can write reviews on all the product apps, websites and showcases etc. You can find out new web services/products and then you can offer an excellent testimonial for them. But you have to be sure that you have excellent reputation to hold on to.

5. Infographics

Infographics are a new and effective way to get backlinks. The infographics have 2 different effects. First of all, if you done it properly you can get a super social media hit. On the other hand, those are can be used as a nice link building tool. So, start to design some infographics. After that, make sure you placed it into your site with the necessary HTML code. When they do, you should be getting a link.You can buy backlinks best back link service 

6. Develop free themes

If you are interested to create theme then you can design an excellent theme and give it away with proper credits in place. Now, use your required anchor text in place. When you create the theme, try do design very high quality themes then some customers will use this. So, if they finally use your theme for there sites, then the websites will link back to you.