Google Plus revolutionizes SEO and SMO

Our social media optimization service helps delivers top search engine rankings for any business in the worlds largest Search engine-Google. With Google Plus exciting new SMO and SEO techniques have revolutionised SEO and put this knowledge in the hands of everyday people like you and me. You must watch this incredibly exciting video by Michael Mathiesen and Johnny Wood, you are sure to enjoy this content.

The 5 ingredients for SMO success :

Most importantly you will need to focus on :

  • A quality, SEO optimized, keyword researched, website with unique (not copied) reader friendly content. This point needs clarification because your website must be optimized for the end user and not the search engines! If you try stuffing your keywords in over and over not only do you lose your readers you will not win google traffic or more readers. It must read naturally and part of that includes watching your keyword density.
  • A diverse range of high quality backlinks. If you only have either high or low PR sites only, this looks suspicious to Google. Your backlinks have to come from a range of sites from PR 0 to PR 9. The majority of the links about 2/3rds in total have to come either PR0 or PR1 sites to look natural to Google. You should aim to have around 5% of your links at PR4 , 3% at PR 5  and 1% at PR 6-10. More importantly the majority of the links should come from no follow links with the minority do follow links. Google says BIG No to buy backlinks, backlinks should be in natural way.
  • A diverse range of anchor text with  a maximum of around 25% total of the main keywords, half of those an exact match to the keyword and the other half branded with the keywords. Any more use of your keywords will represent an over optimised site in Google eyes and you will not rank as high.
  • Social media optimization. Google now takes a vote from social media sites as a real vote for your site. Google has also entered the Social media arena with Google+ and now also owns Utube so Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are now important players in the SEO role.
  • Traffic must be generated to your site whilst link building otherwise Google views that as suspicious if people are linking to your site. Pay per click advertising can work well here.

If you have all of these, your website will rank high. We follow strict rules in accordance with Google seo guidelines for our linking strategies. Rest assured that your website will never be “slapped” or “sandboxed” because of shady or low-quality links. Permanent rankings require quality and consistency. We provide both and will show you exactly how to improve search engine ranking.

If you are curious about learning SEO with Google then you are in the right place.Google currently has a 67% share of global advertising revenue with over $50.2 billion revenue in 2012 coming from adverts, and Google will want them all to keep coming back. Good news for Google is that people trust Googles search and its getting better every day.